449.725 - 444.725 Repeater
An 88.5 PL tone must be used.

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The 444.725 repeater is a TRO UHF medium range repeater.  It's radius of coverage is at least 30 miles.

The repeater is located atop one of the City of Skiatook's water towers just northwest of town.

The transmitter and receiver are both located at ground level and housed in a temperature controlled building.

The base of the tower is 815 feet above sea level and the water tower is 50 feet where the antenna is mounted.

The repeater is a GE Master II with an output from the transmitter of 45 watts.

Control is provided by an RC1000 controller.


Pictures provided by Larry Holden - KC5KLM


The 444.725 is the repeater on the right.


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