The Route 66 Marathon—November 22, 2009 by Tommy Stroud—KD5OPH

From left to right William St. John—KD5SAW, Paul Young—KE5EHM, Tommy Stroud—KD5OPH, Ben Joplin—WB5VST and John Grace—KD5VSB in front of the American Red Cross EmTrac communications trailer.

Paul Young—KE5EHM

Route 66 Marathon Starting Line

ARES/RACES Net Tuesday evenings at 2100 local time on the 146.88 repeater with back=up on 146.94

Williams Route 66 Marathon 11-22-2009...............................
Net Control    Tom Stroud     KD5OPH          1st Assignment                EMTRACK
Shadow 2       Ed Compos      KC5CRQ          1st Assignment                Police CP
Shadow 3       Paul Young     KE5EHM          1st Assignment                Medical Director
Operator supp  William St John KD5SAW      1st Assignment                Roming
Med 1           John Grace     KD5VSP          1st Assignment                Woodward Park
Med 2           Raymond Young  KE5WGA          1st Assignment                Veteran's Park
Med 3           Mark Conklin   N7XYO           1st Assignment                Brady &  Denver
Med 4           Jeff Washborn  KC5ERT          1st Assignment                7th and Denver
Med 5           Jim Beach      KE5URE          1st Assignment                31st and Riverside
Med 5 Releaf Opr. by William St John KD5SAW     2nd Assignment        31st and Riverside
Med 6           Ben Joplin     WB5VST          1st Assignment                41st and Riverside
Med 7           Jeff Washborn  KC5ERT          2nd Assignment                49th and Riverside
Med 8           John Grace     KD5VSP          2nd Assignment                61st and Riverside
Med 9           Never manned   open
Med 10          Vol. operator  KE5VAS ? ?     2nd Assignment                (I don't have a name)


Just some thoughts about the Race and the upcoming year..... I had to do some head scratching, .... these guys did a fantastic  job.  We started out short and for a race of this magnitude that does not look good on us. but by the vastness of the coverage area I was able to move guys to 2nd assignment areas and still give support for most of the event.  I had a volunteer come in late who was already at a relay station at 78th and Riverside.  I have searched for the name and can not find it but I have the call as "KE5VAS" and she did a good job once William St John "KD5SAW" got her radio programmed for her.  Williams Route 66 is the largest event that we have worked and I have directed, but let's keep in mind it is a fund raiser for the Untied Way a major supporter for the American Red Cross.  I have not got the numbers yet but it has to be large, but, the budget for this event is also very high so it will be interesting to find out.  For the 2010 year it could double in it's size.  They have already started working on it.  Our members have no Idea what it takes to put something like this on over 5000 volunteers and a committee of 30 or more all volunteers.  They will meet 2 to 3 times per month and every-week during the month be for the race.  Next year i will have to have a pre-race meeting before race day there is to much to get done on the morning of race day, so, you can't wait to the last minute to volunteer.  Well you could but getting them informed and supplied will be difficult to get done.  With Tour de Cure, Maple Ridge, Williams Route 66 Quarter, Williams Route 66, Durathlon, Triathlon, Feild Day 2010, now Dale Scarburg car show a three day event, it is going to be a heavy load to get done so activities will need help to expand and meet the need.   Thanks everyone for the great help and moving around to cover all areas needed.